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Your most trusted middle-man!

Brokerage and Banking

in one place!

Escrow Accounts
Brokerage Sharing
Growth Options
Online Banking

We have own own proprietary cross-platform AI software to handle client banking. Clients have access to that 24/7. Built specifically for purpose.


As a licensed provider of Escrow, Custodianship and financial Brokerage services, we serve all parties in a transaction designed to keep funds safe.


We function compliance and adhere to formal, legislative and banking AML regulations. Avid will manage KYC and conduct stringent due diligence.

Transact Funds

Professionally receive, hold and transact funds [on instruction] for project requirements without having to function high level bank accounts, anywhere.

Centralised Brokerage

In one place, a buyer, seller and any intermediaries may deposit contracts, record a transaction, track progress, pool funds and order distributions.

Money Management

We administer a number of opportunities for clients to actively enhance wealth, enhance their balance sheet, trade for project attribution and more.

Are you one of the many entrepreneurs involved in buying, selling or brokering a transaction?

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If so, you’ve likely encountered many issues that range from how to properly and legally document a deal through to how will you receive payment

And you’ve had to trust counter-parties where 9 times out of 10 you’ve been let down, ripped off or skimmed?

Maybe you’ve already attempted to raise bank instruments and sought out “providers” that simply cannot or never intended to deliver?

This simply isn’t fair, right! This is the reason for Avid Paymaster.

Coming soon…

In search of a platform you can trust?

Preparation is key.

We’re here to help.

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